Ink 1
Ink, by Amanda Sun


Author Amanda Sun
Illustrator Cover artist: Petra Dufkova

Interior sketch artist: Ross Siu

Published on June 25, 2013
Published by HarleguinTeen

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Shadow (Book 0.5, a prequel novella) Rain (Book 2)

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On the heels of a family tragedy, Katie Greene must move halfway across the world. Stuck with her aunt in Shizuoka, Japan, Katie feels lost. Alone. She doesn't know the language, she can barely hold a pair of chopsticks, and she can’t seem to get the hang of taking her shoes off whenever she enters a building.

When Katie meets aloof but gorgeous Tomohiro, the star of the school’s kendo team, she is intrigued by him...and a little scared. His tough attitude seems meant to keep her at a distance, and when they’re near each other, strange things happen. Pens explode. Ink drips from nowhere. And unless Katie is seeing things, drawings come to life.

Somehow Tomo is connected to the kami, powerful ancient beings who once ruled Japan— and as feelings develop between Katie and Tomo, things begin to spiral out of control. The wrong people are starting to ask questions, and if they discover the truth, no one will be safe.

- From Sun-sama's website

Detailed Plot SummeryEdit

Ink begins with Katie Greene, an Amkerica-jin whose mother has recently died, having forgotten to change out of her school slippers and into her normal shoes. She begins to head back into school, but her friend Yuki warns her of an awkward breakup going on in the genkan.

Deciding that it's worth a possible awkward encounter, Katie continues on into the school to get her shoes. While in the genkan, Katie over hears the school's top kendo star, Tomohiro, breaking up with his girlfriend, Myu.

After Tomohiro sees Katie spying on them, things begin to escalate. Myu hits Tomohiro, making him drop a notebook, which sends pages flying everywhere. Myu then leaves Tomohiro crying. Katie picks up a page that had landed near her and sees a pregnant woman drawn on it. Katie stares at the pictures, and sees it move.

Tomohiro walks up to her, and snatches the paper from Katie. He taunts her about being a gaijin, a foreigner, and leaves the genkan. Katie notices blood seeping under the door Tomohiro went through, and realizes that it is ink. Afraid, Katie rushes off to cram school.

The next dat at lunch, Yuki and Katie are eating their bentou, a Japanese lunchbox, and discussing what transpired in the genkan yesterday. Katie doesn't mention the moving picture. Tanaka, a friend of Yuki's, enters the classroom and asks the two if they had heard about Myu and Tomohiro. They talk about it for a while, Tanaka mentioning that Tomohiro was a member of the Caligraphy Club in elementry school, and class begins.

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